About Dr. Nicole Jones


We want to help all parties save time, money, and stress,

and most importantly, feel good about the resolution.

                          - Dr. Nicole Jones

Dr. Nicole Jones Wadsworth, known professionally as Dr. Nicole Jones, has dedicated her life to building Alabama’s communities. Dr. Jones' career involves the negotiation of complex economic development matters and commercial real estate transactions. A pioneer in her field, Dr. Nicole Jones earned four degrees and two certifications with a primary focus on contracts, economic development, and economic policy as disciplines.

Being a productive member of society is an inherent component of Dr. Jones, as evidenced by her dedication to professional, civic, and philanthropic organizations and initiatives as a spokesperson, board member, and corporate sponsor.‚Äč  Dr. Jones collaborates with other professionals and stays on the forefront of issues that affect business and economic policy. Jones is a member of business and trade associations such as the Alabama Association for Justice (ALAJ), Economic Development Association of Alabama (EDAA), Business Council of Alabama (BCA), Manufacture Alabama, Alabama Farmers Federation, Alabama Forestry Association, Alabama Legislative Club, Decatur/Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, Alabama Rural Health Association, Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, and Heritage Foundation.
Nicole Jones serves on the following boards and committees: Health Policy – BCA; Small Business – BCA, Birmingham Committee on Foreign Relations, Alliance for Alabama's Infrastructure, Manufacture Alabama – Governmental Affairs, and The F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum.

Faith, family, and community-building are Nicole Jones' Life's Work. Dr. Jones' husband, Attorney and State Representative Tim Wadsworth of Arley, Alabama, works diligently to bring jobs, healthcare, and community development to House District 14. Legacy is an integral part of her core, and Nicole Jones Wadsworth instills the values of hard work and servant leadership upon their son and daughter, who often accompany them to projects and volunteer opportunities.

The COVID-19 environment opened up new opportunities for Dr. Jones, who became increasingly aware of clients and colleagues with pandemic-related delays in the court system.  Witnessing the frustration of folks with cases continued, Dr. Nicole Jones formed Jones Mediation, aimed to save both parties time, money, and eliminate the stress associated with trial. 
While Jones Mediation will evaluate the potential to mediate any type of case, with a background in business, Dr. Jones prefers mediating disputes related to business, contracts, estates, employment, government, and real property.